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Why Overblog rocks

Pubblicato da Anthony Painter su 2 Agosto 2013

Questo repost proviene da Invested In Startups.

Having started and failed dismally in a few previous of attempts to creat a blog using wordpress I recently found Overblog.

Previously, I was a gluten for searching aimlessly for responsive Wordpress themes on Themeforest and Google, sifting through pages for "must have" plugins, self hosting the Wordpress installation then trying to make it all play nicely with some level of cohesion and aesthetic value.

Humpf, what a time sink.

I grew increasingly frustrated that this whole blogging thing was going to be painful.

I had wasted months just trying to set up Wordpress let alone write any content.

Then I found Overblog.

What I like about Overblog is that it's easy to use. Themes are preconfigured, click to change, customise as required.

Add all your social feeds now your content is aggregating through your blog.

The iOS Overblog app is fantastically esy to use and feature rich. Truly a simple and timeless experience.

Lastly price, the yearly subscription is not going to break the bank at all.

If your looking for a way to quickly and painlessly start blogging then look no further than Overblog.

Overblog (im proclaiming) is the next generation of Wordpress.

Well done Team Overblog and thank you for making a seemless social experience 😃

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